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Because Detail Matters

 Fitri Nuraini S on 29 Mar 2017

Give a little more attention to detail with this collection!

Casual Outfit

 Maya Maynanda on 29 Mar 2017

Mau pergi hangout atau jalan ke mall tapi masih bingung pakai baju apa? Buy your clothes here!

Wrapped Ready

 Fitri Nuraini S on 29 Mar 2017

Berikut koleksi wrapped top yang wajib banget kamu beli!


 Michella Georgia on 25 Mar 2017

Planning to have a short weekend getaway? Buy your clothes here!

Color Trends: Dusty Pink

 Ida Ayu Gita Saraswati on 23 Mar 2017

Try this color trend to improve your style!

Victoria Beckham x Target

 Oviene on 22 Mar 2017

How can one be a mother of 4​, own a clothing brand, stay in shape and look fabulous at the same time?! Victoria Beckham, you do it all.

Low Budget Make Up

 Vania Irene Huang on 20 Mar 2017

Here, I have compiled few products that are under 200k, suitable for newbies, or even make up lovers who do not want to splurge on expensive products.

Simple Outfit Ideas

 Ida Ayu Gita Saraswati on 17 Mar 2017

Try this simple outfit collection to upgrade your street style.


 Michella Georgia on 16 Mar 2017

This is the perfect time to renew your active wear collection!

Basic, Essential Pieces in Our Closet

 Vania Irene Huang on 15 Mar 2017

Here are some of the staple pieces that every woman must have in our closet.

Get Your Colourpop

 Meliantha Hendra on 15 Mar 2017

Mau matte atau satin finish, ColourPop have it all!

2017 Color Trend: Yellow

 Mary Angeline on 13 Mar 2017

The color that inspired from Belle & La La La Land!