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7 Hairstyles A Week

 Meliantha Hendra on 01 Mar 2017

Hairstyle adalah salah satu poin penting untuk tampil fashionable. Biar nggak bosen dengan gaya rambut yang itu-itu aja, yuk contek beberapa hairstyle ini selama 1 minggu ;)

Disney Indonesia X Shopatvelvet Collaboration

 Reynata Hadian on 01 Mar 2017

I just saw the collection launch today! Then rushed to share this excitement because a bunch of legendary magical character collaborated with my favorite local brand <3

Casual Stripes with Shorts

 Meliantha Hendra on 01 Mar 2017

Don't have any idea about what to wear today? How about casual stripes top with denim shorts?

Wear Hat to Complete Your Outfit

 Meliantha Hendra on 26 Feb 2017

Walau kadang terkesan 'nggak penting', topi bisa menyulap penampilan kamu jadi lebih menarik lho. Cek beberapa jenis topi yang stylish ini yuk!

7 Incredibly Cool Ways to Style a Slip Dress

 Sry Octavia Meyna Sinulingga on 26 Feb 2017

It's no secret that fashion is having a major 90s moment, especially with the SLIP DRESS. This fashion item never die cause this piece can be worn an endless amount of ways​. See seven incredibly cool ways to style a SLIP DRESS here!


 Arissa Lidia on 23 Feb 2017

It's the most versatile item which always there in your own wardrobe. This is how to wear it in a decent way, it could be not so basic anymore!

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2017

 Fiona E. Gandy on 23 Feb 2017

A glimpse into some of the highlights and my personal faves from NYFW Spring 2017.

Fashion and Makeup Style To Try: Larme Kei

 Alya Cholid on 22 Feb 2017

Bagi kamu yang suka ngikutin tren fashion Jepang, mungkin nggak asing lagi dengan gaya berpakaian satu ini. Untuk lebih lengkapnya cek artikel ini ya.


 Oviene on 22 Feb 2017

Amp up the off the shoulder trend with a button down!


 Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri on 22 Feb 2017

Who doesn't know this fashion item? Fishnet! Nggak melulu identik sama punk style or something like that. Because you can look so cool with it. Baca selengkapnya disini yuk!

What's Hot? Victoria Victoria Beckham RTW Fall 2017

 WhatWeLike Community on 22 Feb 2017

The effortless styles of these designs are so charming, lovely!

How to Dress Like Emma Stone in La La Land

 Dee Primayani on 21 Feb 2017

Sudah pada nonton La La Land kan? Nah, kalo kamu ingin mencoba outfit ala La La Land untuk sehari-hari? Intip disini, yuk! <3