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[Swatches + Review]: Esteē Lauder New Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre lipstick

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[Swatches + Review]: Esteē Lauder New Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre lipstick

Now moving on to the Esteē Lauder New Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre lipstick launching event last week I got a package full of their newest Envy lipsticks and not to forget this time Esteē Lauder not only launched wide variations of lipstick shades but they also come out with different varieties of lip products from matte lipstick, lip gloss to semi matte. The idea is to be able to cater to different lipstick preferences and also the lipstick trend that has been evolving.

However the products that I got were mostly red shades so be ready for different shades of RED 💗😍 So as many of you may have already known red or bold lip colours aren't my usual palette but to be honest red colour to make my fair skin look even more fairer but I just can't bring up myself to wear it daily cause I feel it looks too bold but my friends have been telling me that red colour suites me well and it make me look more mature. Maybe I'll have to train myself to be more confident in red!

Let's start Swatching~

We'll start with the liquid lipstick and lip gloss first.

Pure Color Envy Vinyl Lipcolor / Rouge Vinyle 02 Controversial

Pure Color Envy 330

Lethal Red

Pure Color Envy 440

Berry Provocative

Moving on to the Lipsticks

All the lipsticks come with a magnetic lids so this can help solve the usual cap loss problem of lipsticks as both ends just attract each other. 😻

Pure Color Envy Matte Lipstick / Rouge 230


Pure Color Envy Lipstick / Rouge 340


Pure Color Envy Hi- Lustre Lipstick / Rouge 320

Drop Dead Red

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