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The "no-poo" (short for no-shampoo) was a trend amongst Hollywood celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, Adele, and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few from the celebrity list. It's beginning to be more just a trend. It's healthy. They make it their lifestyle. Washing your hair everyday will do no good to your scalp and even the hair. Shampoo-ing will make the natural oil in your scalp vanishes. Not to mention hair loss. It will make your hair look frizzy and dry. No-poo sounds gross but your hair will thank you later!

For starter, wash your hair once every two days. It will make your scalp produce oil and make your hair less dry and frizzy. I have been a member of no-poo. I only wash my hair once every two or 3 days. The result is amazing! My hair looks healthier because I give it time to produce oil and moisturizing the hair. If it's start smelly, I just give it hair parfume or hair fragrance, and use dry shampoo or baby powder to create a bouncy look.

If you're willing to take the risks or just want to try, these 7 days no-poo hairstyles will help you style your hair. It's hard at first but it will get easier along time!


This is the only day you wash your hair. Don't style it. Just dry it like usual.


In day 2, your hair will become more flattering because it's less frizzy. You can curl it lightly.


The third day is when the scalp looks a little oily. Especially the bangs or your front hair. To solve this problem, let the hair down but braid the bangs.


This is the day when your hair is getting dirtier but only the scalp. Use a little bit of dry shampoo to get the volume and make half top knot. Why the half top knot? Because your locks are still in a good condition.


What's that smell? It's your "fifth day of no-poo day" smell! Gross? Not! Spray a little amount of hair perfume and braid your hair!


Okay. Your hair looks gross and very oily. The good news is, the locks are in it best condition! Why is that? Because the natural oil has reached the locks and make you look like you use conditioner. But you're not! Well, for this sixth day, bring all of your hair up. Either in a bun or a ponytail.


Last day of no-poo hair. Your scalp is filled with natural oil which makes it greasy. How to solve it? Wear a hat, bandana, turban, or any head accessories to hide it. Before that, don't forget to spray hair perfume or hair fragrance so it won't be smelly.

Well, do you dare to try this trend amongst Hollywood celebrities? No worries because I just gave you the tips to style no-shampoo hair. Believe me, your hair will thank you later!


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