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With social media like Instagram, the millennials are easier to express their style so called “outfit of the day”. Seems like everyone is competing to show off whose style is better, their branded outfit, whose on trend, who’s wearing what. I must say, those things are important to get recognition. No doubt for those fashion bloggers and fashionistas who wear expensive and branded items. They are our style inspirations with no exceptions. Even for us with low budget. So, how to be fashionable if our main problem is having low budget? Well, no worries. I’m here to tell you how to be fashionable with low budget. Sometimes you don’t even have to spend your money at all!

Buy Sale Items

With low budget, you don’t really have a choice. Look for a sale in stores and buy that jeans!

Make A Capsule Wardrobe

White shirt, blue jeans, black pants, and a fitted blazer is all you need to fill your wardrobe without ever worried about trends.

Wear Black Or White

Black and white are neutral colors. The colors can make us look fashionable and expensive. Don’t wear cheap fabrics!

Raid Your Mom’s Closet

The 80’s and 90’s are on trend. Take a look at your mom’s closet and borrow her vintage clothes to be paired up with your own!

DIY / Get It Tailored

If it’s possible, recycle your old clothes into something new. Crop that old t-shirt. Distressed those jeans. Or you can just go to a tailor and let them make new clothes for you. It’s definitely cheaper!

Don’t Splurge. Steal!

Yes, steal! I know Versace is nice. But how many dupes you think are out there? Go to your local store, online store, local brand. I bet you’ll find a similar one with cheaper price. Brand is not important.

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