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A petite girl with a giant suitcase of her hopes and dreams. She's also a fashion, beauty, travel, flower and culinary enthusiast. @steviiewong

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Press Screening Asia's Next Top Model cycle 5

 Stevie Wong on 05 Apr 2017

Are you a fashion and style enthusiasts then here's a show you shouldn't miss out... its the Asia's Next Top Model ASNTM season 5 which will be premiering on screen tonight!! Go Go Go catch the show and support our fellow Indonesian representatives... Want to know who are they? let's check it out here...

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017 Street Style

 Stevie Wong on 03 Apr 2017

​When it comes to fashion week aside from the fashion shows other most highly anticipated thing is street style as most fashionista and those in the fashion industry will come and gather for this annually held event. So now I'll take you to look at Seoul Fashion Week street style. hop on to read more.

The CLINIQUE Pop™ Matte Lip Colour and CLINIQUE Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour [REVIEW]

 Stevie Wong on 03 Apr 2017

The CLINIQUE Pop™ Matte Lip Colour and CLINIQUE Pop Liquid™ Matte Lip Colour swatch and mini review

[Swatches + Review]: Esteē Lauder New Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre lipstick

 Stevie Wong on 21 Mar 2017

Find out my swatches and review for the 6 lipsticks from Esteē Lauder


 Stevie Wong on 14 Mar 2017

If You Love LINE FRIENDS You'll Definitely Love This Hotel !

Sociolla Turns Two

 Stevie Wong on 11 Mar 2017

Discounts, Sociolla Birthday Packages and Giveaway alert here. Check out to find out more.

The Triple A Collaboration by BERRYBENKA

 Stevie Wong on 09 Mar 2017

BERRYBENKA recently launched this new collaboration with 3 inspiring ladies whose name happen to all start with 'A' that's why the y name this collaboration collection The Triple A!

Calla Atelier Collection

 Stevie Wong on 09 Mar 2017

Get your Calla Atelier here :) a clothing brand by the Fashion blogger Olivia Lazuardy!

Time to Refresh your Wardrobe

 Stevie Wong on 09 Mar 2017

One can never have too much jeans, basic tees or basic pieces because these items will be the essential to create a better overall style.

It's time for Spring

 Stevie Wong on 09 Mar 2017

Just in time for Spring is the perfect time for floral prints and slip on dresses!

Back to Black

 Stevie Wong on 09 Mar 2017

Check out my picks for back to black! Black colour lover check this out.

(Review): Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

 Stevie Wong on 08 Mar 2017

Honey as a mask? Heard lots about it before right, now let me share my review on Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask. Hop on to read more!